DREAMZZ - Living exhibition

Leeuwarden – DREAMZZ is an exhibition with a goal: to make contemporary art accessible to the public. Two young female artists will create and show their representation of dreams, reality, and everything in between. The collection will entail the artists’ answer to the question: ‘Is what we experience as life, actually a dream?’
Both creators will experiment with contemporary, multidisciplinary mediums involving (audio)visual art and spoken word.
DREAMZZ is initiated by @teodoraroka_art 

Artist in residency

The first 3 weeks of January will be devoted for creating paintings and sculptures by Teodóra Róka. During this time, the artist will use the practice of dream journaling to capture her unconscious experiences. This time will be used for connecting with the passer-by and integrating the ‘dreams of the citizens’, their returning dreams, in the artworks. 

Based on the OPEN CALL, 1 week of artist in residency will be offered to another female artist. The chosen artist will be given the time and space to realize her plan in the 3rd week of the residency. Her work will be also part of the exhibition in week 4.

DREAMZZ Exhibition

DREAMZZ will be open to the public from January 22nd – 29th at Over De Kelders 28 in Leeuwarden.