Call For Female Artists - 'DREAMZZ'

Female contemporary artists are underrepresented and undervalued in museums and galleries. As the study of Topaz et al. (2019) shows, 85% of artists are white and 87% are men out of 18 major U.S. museums. Female artists have important things to say. ‘DREAMZZ’ – living exhibition provides a space for them to create and shine.

This open call welcomes female artists to submit an artwork proposal for one week of artist in residency centred around the theme of ‘dreams’. Life begins and ends in the unconscious. It’s not a matter of thinking that life is a dream, but rather realizing that dreams are also a form of life. Dreams are integral part of life.

DREAMZZ is an all sensory contemporary pop-up art experience in the centre of Leeuwarden which provides a 1 week artist in residency centred around the theme: ‘Is what we experience as life actually a dream?’. The artist in residency is curated and organized by Teodora Roka.

The chosen artist will be given the time and space to realize her plan between 13th – 20th January in the residency. Her work will be also part of the exhibition between 22nd – 29th January 2022.

Artist fields: Visual art, Sound art, Sculpture, Installation, Multimedia, Video, Film, Photography, Performance, Education, Interdisciplinary

Deadline: 8th December 2021

Location: Over de Kelders 28. 8911 JG Leeuwarden

Residency date: 13th – 20th January 2022

Exhibition date: 22nd – 29th January 2022

How the residency work

-One week creation at the pop-up artist in residency ‘DREAMZZ’.

-Co-working session with Teodora Roka, ‘DREAMZZ’ founder.

-Press viewings, interaction with citizens.

-Opening event with food & drinks

-One week of exhibition together with T. Roka. The exhibition will be accompanied by a public artist talk, video and photo documentation.

Payment & Pricing

The artist will be paid 350,- euros + all material costs covered.

Who can apply?

The open call is intended for female artist working in the fields of contemporary installation, painting, sculpture, multimedia, video, film, photography, sound, performance or interdisciplinary forms without any restrictions on their age.

How to apply?

To apply simply email the following information at

*a project/artwork proposal for one week of residency on ‘dreams’ max 1 A4 page

*a short bio no more than 150 words

*three images of your work, three different works (.pdf or jpeg format)


Call +36709411078 or email